Water heater in Kolkata

Winter is one of the most popular seasons in India.
And this winter season requires an appliance to become utmost important – water heater in Kolkata. This water heaters in Kolkata makes the water’s temperature perfect for bathing and other essential activities. Water at a regulated temperatures is a necessity in every places like office, hotels, restaurants etc. and hence water heaters in Kolkata are required almost every where. The best brand for water heater in Kolkata is Ventair which comes with a warranty and is known for its durability and functionality. You can easily buy a Ventair water heater in Kolkata from any dealer near you. Let us find out the available Ventair water heaters in Kolkata.
1) Hot Spring, Water heater in Kolkata

This water heater in Kolkata is a highly energy efficient one. It is a storage type water heater in Kolkata with Blue Diamond Coating and with a variants of capacity of 25L and 15L. This is one of the best Water Heaters in Kolkata.

2) Oasis, water heater in Kolkata

This water heater in Kolkata is available in a single variant of 6l storage capacity in Blue Diamond Tank Lining.

3) Turbo, Water Heater in Kolkata

This Ventair water heater in Kolkata comes with a powder-coated metal body. It comes with a power of 2000 W and is suitable for high rise buildings. It comes in 3 variants – 6 l, 10 l, 15 l.

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