No. 1 chimney brand in Kolkata

Our latest range of Kitchen Chimneys our specifically designed to mirror your style and choice. We are leader in innovation in Eastern Region for chimneys and present to you the excellence and efficiency in chimney technologies to produce nothing short of the best. And thay is why we are known among the best kitchen chimney brand in Kolkata.

Being one of the best chimney brands in Kolkata, some of the biggest USPs are:

1) Colored Hoods

One of the best chimney brand in Kolkata offers an option of LED glowing hoods with multiple color options.

2) Faster Suction

It’s no mean feat to be known as one of the best chimney brand in Kolkata. And that is why we have come with up a chimney with an amazing suction power like 1400 m3/hr which is capable of cleaning even the largest of the kitchens.

3) Cook in Peace

Our advanced technology has been a game changer for the kitchen chimney sector in India. This has given us an edge over the rest of the kitchen chimney brands. Our kitchen chimney sounds produce minimum possible sound.

4) Decorative Series

As one of the best chimney brand in Kolkata, we have always given equal importance to looks and functionality. We believe that aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand. All our range of kitchen chimneys look amazing and work great.

5) Auto Clean Series

We have been one of those best chimney brands in Kolkata who have brought auto clean function to Eastern India. Most of our range of chimneys work in auto clean mode which ultimately saves time.

6) Best Quality and Technology

Our ultimate quality and best technology has helped us achieve the position of best chimney brand in Kolkata.

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