Is cooking boring? Is cooking sweaty? Is cooking in the heat and smoke of your kitchen so exhausting that you want to leave as soon as you are done with it? Does it seem more like a chore whose burden has been put on your shoulders? Guess what? Cooking can be great great fun. It can be the most enjoyable work of your day! It can be a way to connect with your family even more than ever! This trend (can I call it a trend?) of food delivery apps literally makes me roll my eyes now. I, personally consider cooking as a pleasure, a delight. How is that even possible, you ask? Well my husband purchased Ventair’s Musical Auto Clean Chimney – King Music 90 (Hyperlink to Musical Chimney Category Page Of Website), 2 months ago and we both are literally all crazy for it. Why not? It makes cooking a delight, a refreshment from a long day of work. We perform when we have to wait for the food to be cooked. I have seen him rolling his hips and beating to the beats while stirring his soup. We have even done waltz there. It is pure bliss.

Besides the music, I think the fact that I don’t have to clean up the dirt makes cooking with my Musical Chimney enjoyable. I am never the one to clean up after myself. Also, choking and coughing and sweating in the kitchen is not a viable option for me. (I don’t think it is a viable option for anyone).

Now you see what made it possible. With super strong suction of the very powerful metallic blower and the amazing Bluetooth and Radio feature, this is a chimney you have to have. It gives you a smoke free and oil free kitchen while you cook listening to your favourite songs! Oh and the feeling of feeding my stomach with a musical dish! Inexpressible!

Let’s spice up cooking! We are definitely not referring to spicy food but a spicy, healthy and a musical kitchen experience!

‘Ab kitchen mein bartan nahi, Ventair bajega’

  • Mili Chatterjee – Customer of Ventair

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