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It is a proven fact that electricity consumption of a water geyser is dependent on the amount of hot water used. But standing loss can be a big factor while deciding the best geyser in Kolkata. For your information, Vent Air has become one of the most known brands for water geysers in Kolkata.

Some of the best selling geysers in Kolkata are from the house of Vent Air. Let’s find out about them:

1) Turbo

This is one of the hot selling geyser in Kolkata. It comes with a sturdy finish as it’s made up of strong stainless steel material. It comes in 2 capacity options – 6l or 15l. It’s got one of the fastest cooling capacity with a tremendous power of 2000W.

2) Hot Spring

This geyser in Kolkata is made up of Abs body with Blueline tank. It has got a capacity of 25l. This geyser in Kolkata comes with an Energy Saving Puf. It comes with a thermal cutout function where it automatically gets switched off after the required heating.

3) Cascade

This geyser in Kolkata is a revolution in the world of geysers. It shows a digital reading. Comes in 3 capacity options : 6 l / 10 l / 15 l. It comes with an Incoloy heating element and energy saving Puf.

4) Hot Spring

This geyser in Kolkata comes in capacities 10l and 15l. This comes with an energy saving puf and a multi function valve. It consists of a high precision thermostat.

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