Gas stoves in Kolkata

The gas stoves in Kolkata are technically most important components of a kitchen. It is important for a gas stove in Kolkata to be 100% safe. Let us list out the best gas stoves in Kolkata which include 2, 3 and 4 burner gas stoves. And of course we take into account the distance between burners, price, longevity, warranty etc. to reach to the final decision of choosing the best gas stoves in Kolkata.

1) Unik 3B, Frameless gas stove in Kolkata

This glass gas stove is of premium quality and is highly durable. This gas stove comes with 3 high grade premium brass burners and spill trays which can be cleaned relatively easily.

2) Unik 2B, Frameless gas stove in Kolkata

This high grade premium quality gas stove consists of 2 brass burners. Comes with a easily adjustable knob so that you can adjust the flame as per your requirement. Avoid keeping utensils on the glass so as to avoid any kind of damage.

3) TCH 302, Glass Gas Stove in Kolkata

This gas stove is known for high quality manufacturing standards, uncompromising looks and latest technology. Its toughened glass top makes it look exceptional and is resistant to heat and any other kind of minor and major shocks. This has got 3 burners placed at sufficient gaps which enable you to use all of them simultaneously.

4) TCH 202, Glass Gas Stove in Kolkata

This 2 burner gas stove in Kolkata looks amazing and has got all the features that you expect from a gadget of premium quality. All in all this stove will definitely win over your hearts and that is for sure.

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