DIY RO Water purifier

Who else is tired of paying Water Purifier Service Charges all the time? Who else is tired of calling service technicians all the time to do some or the other servicing for their RO Water Purifier?
The biggest problem with RO Water Purifiers is that in every few weeks when your filters or membranes get blocked and choked, you have to call the service technicians and pay them just for changing the filters or membranes. You can’t do it yourself because the connections are quite complicated. This clearly needs a solution. And Ventair is here to provide you one!
Ventair is the First Brand in India to bring you DO-IT-YOURSELF (DIY) RO Replacement Technology Water Purifiers. It is now as simple as opening the lid of a sugar/salt jar and refilling it with more sugar/salt when it gets empty. Just open the lids of the filters and RO Membrane and replace the old filter with the new filter. No Connections at all. And Finally, ZERO SERVICE AND MAINTAINENCE CHARGES.

Ventair has been able to attain market leader position in the field of manufacturing of DIY RO Water Purifier. All our products are Made in India using the highest quality raw materials and components sourced from the best vendors around the globe. Our DIY RO Water Purifiers are used throughout residences and commercial establishments like offices, hotels, restaurants, malls etc. Not just that, our DIY RO Water Purifiers are known for their sturdy construction, beautiful design, longevity and advanced mechanisms.

Why choose Ventair DIY RO Water purifier?
2) Dual Faucet Mechanism – Ventair provides you with 2 faucets – one attached to the purifier and another so that you can put it anywhere you want and get a line of water in your desired place.
3) Beautiful Glass Design body like you’ve never seen before!
4) Multiple Stages of Filtration with Advanced RO Technology so that you get the purest and healthiest water at your home for your family.
5) Wide Distribution Network
6) Best Support from Ventair Service Centre throughout India – Excellent response mechanism with quality installation and complaint handling.
7) Competitive Prices

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