Best auto clean chimney in Kolkata

Being one of the most known brand for Auto clean Kitchen Chimneys in Kolkata, we have been committed toward fulfilling market needs and requirements. We have always given equal impetus to pricing and quality. We just do not believe in sales but also after sales service. We try our best to give satisfied service to each and every client of ours.

And out of all the different auto clean kitchen chimney models available in the market, this model – GALAXY NEO – from Vent Air has gone on to become the best selling model and that too for the most obvious reasons.

1) Auto Clean at push of a button – Now cleaning is not a daunting task like never before. Get rid of oil and all kinds of dust particles at one go with just a single touch.

2) Touch control panel

This gives an easy access to all the features just in a single touch.

3) High suction capacity

It comes with a powerful 200W sealed motor with a suction capacity of 1400 cu. m/ hr.

4) LED Lamps

This comes with a LED lamp which just provides the sufficient amount of light for cooking.

5) Reduced Noise level

This chimney comes with reduced noise levels.

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