For every Indian home, a chimney is a must. Count us on this. Indian cooking involves lot of frying, grilling using lot of oil and masalas.  The sound of spluttering tadka though gives a lovely aroma and taste but it also leaves its impression on your kitchen tiles and ceiling.  Over a period of time grime collects on the cabinets and over-the-counter appliances. More than cooking, it’s cleaning the kitchen that is cumbersome and discourages many from cooking that sumptuous meal. An electric chimney sucks the air inside the kitchen. The air then passes through the filters which absorbs the heat and traps the grease particles thereby removing fumes and odour and ventilates your kitchen keeping it fresh and odour & smoke free. Chimney is a boon to many who love to cook but withdraw themselves with the thought of watery eyes, odour and grimy kitchen. Now you can cook to your hearts delight by embracing this wonderful appliance.

Now that you have made up your mind then you need to think of some important aspects as well. Like, power, material, weight, performance and many other things to be taken into consideration before purchase of a chimney. Also, you must ensure that your kitchen has enough space for the installation. For your better understanding, the factors are given below.

On the basis of FUNCTIONALITY and FASHION chimneys can be categorized into conventional and contemporary.

Conventional chimneys are straightline chimneys that basically perform the sole function of keeping the kitchen fresh and ventilated are available in both ducting and ductless mode

Contemporary chimneys come in various design and types to suit your budget and lifestyle. They have a hood which again comes in various styles.

FILTER: A filter is the heart of the Electric Chimney. It traps the oil particles and purifies the air. If the filter does not function properly the suction becomes poor and can pose a health hazard. The choice of the right filter improves the performance of the chimney.

On the basis of material and construction, filters are of 2 types.

Mesh Filter: Layers of Aluminum mesh overlapping each other slightly offset. The mesh has very small holes. When the air passes through the filter, oil and grime adhere to the layers. The pores get clogged very soon and affects the performance of the chimney. Requires cleaning every fortnight.

Higher maintenance and frequent cleaning is needed for Indian kitchen because the masalas get coated onto the filter blocking the holes and thus the suction power gets reduced.

Baffle Filter: Layers of steel/aluminum are overlapped in a fashion which changes the direction of air flow. It uses the ‘cut and chop’ technology to separate oil and spices from the smoke. The suction power gets hardly affected even if the oil gets collected in the first layer. Perfect for Indian style of cooking. Ventair specialises in 11 degree baffle filters where the filter is tilted slightly by 11 degrees to make the cleaning process easier.

Maintenance: Needs cleaning after a long duration as oil comes and get collected in specially designed oil collector.

SUCTION POWER : Is the capacity of the motor to suck oil particles and odour. It is measured in cubic meter per hour (m3 per hour). For Indian kitchen a chimney with higher air suction capacity is ideal. For frequent cooking the range should be greater than 750 m3/hr depending on the size of your Indian kitchen. The chimneys with a long hose generally need more suction power. Ventair Kitchen Chimneys usually have suction around 1200 m3/hr – 1600 m3/hr giving them high level performance.

MOTOR/BLOWER : The motor should be sealed so that dust and grime does not get into it. Aluminum non-stick blower and specially designed sealed motor saves you from agony of periodic servicing of internal parts.

SIZE : The size of chimney depends on the size of the kitchen. Ideally a 3 or 4 burner stove should have a 3feet chimney. Standard chimneys come in 2ft, 2.5ft and 3ft size.

MAINTENANCE AND CARE : It is advisable to go for a chimney which requires less maintenance. Install the chimney at low height (2.5 feet) so that cleaning is easy and it effectively removes the smoke and oil particles out. Auto clean chimneys are a boon to the cleaning process.

SPEED : Entry level chimneys have single speed option but advanced ones have variable speeds to ventilate the kitchen faster.

AESTHETICS : Chimneys are available to suit every section and taste of the society ranging from modest rates to high end ones. Depending on your budget, lifestyle and kitchen décor you may choose the best. Some brands have the option of customizing the looks to match your kitchen décor. Ventair  has a wide range of decorative and elegant and stylish chimneys with advanced features and latest technology like Motion Sensor, Touch Control Switch panel, Colour Changing Hood, Colourful Front Glass Panel and what not.

QUALITY AND SERVICE : Service and quality plays a very important role when thinking about chimneys. Only choose the brand which provides excellent quality chimney and prompt after sales service. Ventair is also known to keep its customers happy and satisfied with its efficient Service Support. Ventair works in conformity of ISO 9001:2015 and thus has quality checks down to a screw.  

ADVANCED FEATURES : Apart from its basic function of keeping the kitchen odour-free and fresh, the chimney adds style and elegance to the kitchen. Ventair and innovation go hand-in-hand. From introducing 3rd Generation Heat Auto Clean Technology and 4th Generation Steam Clean Technology, Ventair is continuously evolving. It has introduced the slimmest chimney in India, one of its kind Musical Auto Clean Chimneys, Latest technology steam clean chimney, Chimneys with Colour changing Hoods and chimneys with Colourful Front Glass Panel.

Now no need to be scared of making tandoori dishes. You can cook those mouth-waterings dishes without too much a hassle. You can have a cool and welcoming kitchen all the time which you  can flaunt with pride. For further research, you can visit and buy a chimney to make your home healthy and happy.

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